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The java menu specialists
Java menus and java navigation
The imint.com group of specialist web menu sites offers the web's largest and technologically most advanced selection of java menus.
» 40 multi-purpose hi-tech navigation menus and 500 menu design demonstrations on our flagship java menu site, offering industry-defining scalability and features.
» Almost 300 elegantly designed easy-to-use java menus with online rapid development tools on our mid-range "Happy Menus" site.
» Around 300 state-of-the-art drop-down menu variants and styles on our dedicated drop-down menu site at "Alien Menus", again with online rapid application development tools.
» 11 popular, useful free java menus including the uniquely attractive award-winning suite of animated buttons with 255 downloadable menu designs.
Java menu ideas
» Scalability: our menus are uniquely able to offer the performance and scale to handle the needs of today's corporate web applications - and we even guarantee that our menus are the best for scalability!
» Index scripting: we specialise in menus that do far more than just fire hyperlinks; our landmark extensible index scripting language allows web application developers to turn mere menus into sophisticated interface control elements.
» True-type fonts: unusually, many of our menus support true-type fonts, even on the widespread older java versions.
» Databases and dynamic menus: our series of knowledge base articles on this theme covers most server-side languages; actual code samples can be downloaded and adapted.
Find menu applets by range
» "iSlide" sliding menus - the leading professional suite of java navigation applets - versatile, powerful, unmatched. (Demos)
» "X-Bar"/"iPOP" drop-down menus - the web's first and only true multi-window drop down java menus. (Demos)
» "Sensomap" navigation maps - image-maps with discontinuous and polygonal hotspots, plus pop-up submenus. (Demos)
» "iTree" java tree menus - pure java tree menus, ranging from stunningly easy-to-use trees to state-of-the-art multi-tab do-everything functionality. (Demos)
» Magic Animated Buttons - endlessly reconfigurable animated web buttons; join the cult following and animate your button graphics the IMINT way. (Demos)
» "iTab" java menu tabs - tabs driving submenu systems and layers for application navigation. (Demos)
» "iMMap" image-map menus - image-maps with drop-down menus. (Demos)
Featured java navigation menus
» Powerful tree menu for web applications: iTree Pro-XQ Powertree, including drag-and-drop, true-type fonts, multi-row tabbed layout with multirow tab layout, multi-state icons, multi-function search facility, index scripting, dynamic menu support and much more.
» Drop-down java navigation menu: X-Bar Ultramenu IIT. Incorporates revolutionary technology which combines framecrossing and optically enhanced reconfigurable submenus without the need for signing.
» Hybrid image-map / drop-down menu: Sensomap Pro. A unique navigation menu for graphics-based navigation of geographical maps and technical diagrams.
» Hybrid tabs / drop-down menu: iTab Pro QuickNavBar II. Another uniquely useful site navigation menu concept combining multi-style tabs, switchbars and drop-down menus.
Highlights on imint.com
» Java menu design guide - a unique and detailed guide to designing site navigation, covering all the major navigation styles; both amateur and professional web designers will find new and thought-provoking ideas here.
» Java menu knowledge base - currently featuring around 100 pages of in-depth support articles on everything concerning the use of our products, from basic troubleshooting and implementation, to advanced index scripting and dynamic menu creation.
» Java menu demonstration centre - with around 500 highly varied online demonstrations to fire your imagination, widen your design horizons and open up new possibilities in navigation design to you.
» News & release information - where repeat visitors can quickly find out about the latest news.
Java menu packages
» Platinum Pack - everything, including the Platinum Components - a set of uniquely featured specialist java menu applets suitable for database front-end development, web applications and the most demanding of corporate intranet development projects
» Gold Pack - a collection of graphically versatile, high-performance java menu applets for professional web designers and developers
» Silver Pack - a collection of high-performance java menus for individual web designers and small- to medium-sized web design companies
» Bronze Pack - a collection of especially easy-to-use java navigation applets for smallish websites
» Free Pack - a free collection of easy-to-use java menus from the web's leading java navigation specialists

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