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Prices for:  (select product from list)
This lists both prices for the individual menu and all the packs in which the menu is available.
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Item #Package typeLicence type
Order form
IA22PPKThis menu on its ownPay-per-key (details)EUR 199.00Order here
IA22UNIThis menu on its ownUniversal (details)EUR 499.00Order here
IPK3PPKGold Pack (details)Pay-per-key (details)EUR 399.00Order here
IPK3UNIGold Pack (details)Universal (details)EUR 799.00Order here
IPK4UNIPlatinum Pack (details)Universal (details)EUR 2999.00Order here
IPK5UNIPlatinum Pack
plus subscription service (details)
Universal (details)EUR 3999.00Order here
IPK5RENPlatinum Pack
subscription renewal (details)
Not applicable EUR 999.00Order here
IPK5KGDKey generator for desktop use (details)Universal EUR 4999.00Order here
ISRCCDESource code for any one menu (non-redistributable) (details)Special EUR 7999.00Order here
All sales subject to our general conditions - see FAQ list at bottom of page.
Prices are exclusive of VAT if this applies - VAT will be added on the order form if this applies to you.

  1. Trial Version FAQ - questions about the trial versions of the software
  2. Product FAQ - some common questions about the nature of our products which people ask when they buy
  3. Licencing FAQ - for questions about available licence types and what they cover
  4. Purchasing FAQ - for questions about payment methods, sales tax and VAT (if applicable), currency conversion
  5. Delivery FAQ - delivery times and methods, and a detailed description of what to do when you receive the keys

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