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iSlide Express Synchro-Slide Menu
"Unilateral slot-slide" demonstration (sliding menu)
  • This menu is a sliding menu with submenus which slide out vertically from beneath the parent items.
  • The key feature of a synchro-sliding menu is that the opening and closing of folders is synchronized - i.e. occurs simultaneously. This results in faster submenu access for the user, plus an elegant and impressive site usage experience. Pass your mouse over the menu to the left, and try opening and closing the folders.
  • Some things you can change yourself when you try or buy this applet...
    1. All the colours (30 colour parameters, each with 16.7 million possible values)
    2. The way it slides
      1. 10 different slide types (top-down, bottom-up, reveal, fast squeeze, smooth squeeze, slats, pop-slats, unilateral slots, bilateral slots, flick)
      2. 2 types of sliding synchronicity: partial and total
      3. fully controllable sliding speed
      4. 2 types of slide trigger: mouse-click and mouse-move
    3. Button and text sizes and positions
    4. Icons - choose any 4 from 15 bullets, and change their colours to whatever you like
  • View more of the demonstrations of this applet to see for yourself just how flexible it is
  • There are many more things you can change - just refer to the feature and parameter lists here.


The name of this java menu is iSlide Express Synchro-Slide Menu. It is a sliding java menu with simultaneous double sliding.



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Sliding menu: "Pop-slat slide" - multicolour; pop-slat slide with full synchronicity; spaced buttons; centred text; no icons (demo #3202)

Sliding menu: "Bilateral slot-slide" - grey/red theme; bilateral slot-slide with partial synchronicity; buttonized; arrow icons (demo #3200)

Sliding menu: "Reveal slide" - black/green theme; reveal slide with full synchronicity; buttonized; square icons (demo #3201)

Sliding menu: "Unilateral slot-slide" - red/black theme; tree menu; unilateral slot-slide with partial synchronicity; ± icons (demo #3203)

Sliding menu: "Squeeze slide" - black/white tree with multicolour arrow icons; fast squeeze slide with partial synchronicity (demo #3204)
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