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Company Information
Case Study 2
Case Study: US Dept. of Agriculture
Client: Departments of Agriculture the world over are among the most documentation-intensive parts of national governments. Food production is, by its nature, one of society's most decentralised and fragmented activities, but at the same time, it is also one of the activities most strictly controlled and monitored by government. Telecommunication and documentation therefore play an unusually large role in these branches of government.
Product: one of our US Dept. of Agriculture projects turned out to be one of the most ambitious ever devised with our products, using a variety of fundamentally different menu concepts. The overall goal was the management of one of the department's many documentation systems. The system was to be available online across the United States to all parts of the food production industry, and content was drawn from a vast and constantly expanding database. The menu system not only had to be dramatically scalable, but also visually capable of adapting to unpredictable dynamic content.
  • Sensomap navigation: at the initial level of navigation, a simple sensomap navigation was chosen so that the user could select their state.
  • The navigation subsequently branched, offering the user the choice between a conventional tree and a less conventional tab/drop navigation.
  • The tree menu navigation option used our iTree Pro-X Powertree menu.
  • The tab/drop navigation option was a customised combination of our iTab Pro QuickNavBar Type II tab menu and X-Bar Ultramenu I. As the tab menu's default AWT submenus could not sufficiently adapt to the unpredictable dynamic content, the Ultramenu's superior submenu design (with features such as scrolling and line-wrapping) were combined with the tab menu instead.
Special notes: as ever, we delivered tailored products, absolutely on time, and more than meeting the ambitious requirements of the project. No other suite of products could have provided the necessary power and flexibility.

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