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Menu tabs
iTab Pro QuickNavBar Type II
  • This is an exceptionally powerful multi-function java menu combining tabs and drop-down menus with many other state-of-the-art menu features. The switchbars and drop-down menus allow the menu to handle enormous sites running into many thousands of pages and documents.
  • Unlike the other menus in the iTab range, this menu can use conventional frames layouts or frameless layouts. It does not require layers and its implementation is therefore simpler.
  • A great variety of tab styles are available.
  • Multi-level navigation styles:
    • Level 1: tab bar with optional user-definable hyperlinks and script triggers.
    • Level 2: tab-sensitive switch-menu displaying a submenu for each tab; instant display.
    • Levels 3 - 10: pop-up AWT menus adding depth and great scalability to your navigation system.
  • More than 50 extra parameters compared to Express version.
  • Optional search interface
  • Database-friendly
  • Menu items can trigger user-defined scripts
  • Supports user-defined icons, which can be animated GIFs as well as normal GIFs
  • Hand cursor on mouse movement
  • Text shadows and many extra colour parameters
  • Optional ZIP-compressed indices
  • Enhanced DBCS support
  • True-type font support
  • User-definable sound effects
  • Latest version: 2.30
  • Difference between "type I" and "type II" of this applet
    1. Type I: true tab driver which allows you to have many HTML pages open at the same time and switches instantaneously between them (like the one on our own website)
    2. Type II: simulated tab driver - much easier to implement, much the same as other navigation applets except that it looks like a set of tabs




The name of this java menu is iTab Pro QuickNavBar II. It is a hybrid java menu tabs and java drop-down menus.



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Menu tabs: "Multi-function" - multicolour colour scheme with 3D cut-corner tabs, drop-down menus, search box, sound FX (demo #6400)

Menu tabs: "Gold box" - shades of gold, 3D rectangular tabs, title (demo #6401)

Menu tabs: "Spring sale" - bright blue/orange/apple colour scheme, flat rounded tabs, all centered (demo #6402)

Menu tabs: "Manhattan" - multicoloured flat black-rimmed rectangular tabs, search box, opposing alignment of tabs and switchbars (demo #6403)

Menu tabs: "North Sea" - blue/green ocean colours; wide 3D cut corner tabs (demo #6404)

Menu tabs: "Library menu" - red/cream colour scheme; flat oval black-rimmed tabs, all centered (demo #6405)

Menu tabs: "Multicolour" - classic 3D tabs with multicolour colour scheme and drop down menus (demo #6406)

Menu tabs: "Cut gold" - shades of gold; widened 3D cut corner tabs; search box (demo #6407)

Menu tabs: "School playground" - blue/orange/apple colour scheme; flat rectangular tabs (demo #6408)

Menu tabs: "Downtown" - mouse-over tab trigger; multicoloured flat black-rimmed rectangular tabs (demo #6409)

Menu tabs: "Forest Lake" - classic 3D tabs with blue/green colour scheme (demo #6410)

Menu tabs: "Resume" - formal dark red/cream colour scheme; rectangular black-rimmed tabs (demo #6411)
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