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Tree menu
iTree Pro-XQ Powertree
  • Multi-tab tree applet suitable for demanding web applications and client-side database interfaces.
  • Distinguishing features: drag-and-drop editing; pop-up context menu editing; keyboard editing; very high number of exposed methods for changing and saving the menu content at runtime.
  • High scalability: handles tens of thousands of entries
  • Optional multi-position context-sensitive preview screen
  • Supports dynamic indices
  • Supports true-type fonts
  • Includes optional checkbox tree display, including optional radio button logic with about 40 index-scripting commands which can be attached to any menu item
  • High user-configurability: unlimited look-and-feels can be defined and applied
  • Editing features include:
    1. optional pop-up editor menu with 14 commands
    2. optional drag-and-drop mouse editor which can move both individual menu items and complete multi-level tree subsections
    3. turn individual menu items into edit triggers using XIXL commands
    4. edit the menu from javascript using around 30 exposed methods
    5. editing commands include add, cut, copy, paste, undo, including methods to precisely position adding and pasting, and methods to edit individual properties of each menu item
    6. 24 (partly deactivatable) keyboard shortcuts for editing and moving around the tree
  • Your scripts can extract complete or partial menu states at any time for saving. A large variety of exposed methods are supplied for linking the applet up to your own programming.
  • Database integration features include ability to load and modify menus from multiple interchangeable sources, including client-side and server-side sources, server-side programmes and scripts and compressed sources.
  • DBCS support
  • Multi-function optional search/query/login facility, now including the ability to construct navigable search lists within the menu
  • Checkbox menu items are supported, along with a wide variety of configuration options and exposed methods for interfacing the applet with your web application
  • Clipboard feature for transferring menu segments between menu tabs (i.e. several trees can be simultaneously edited with transfers between the trees)
  • Tabs can be arranged in several rows; tabs also support multi-state icons and line-wrapping
  • Latest version: 6.5 (refer to the version history for a detailed list of new features)


The name of this java menu is iTree Pro-XQ Powertree. It is a advanced multi-display interactive tabbed tree with drag-and-drop.



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Tree menu: "Multi-editor demo" - inc. search facility and preview screen (demo #4400)

Tree menu: "Orange/black theme" - inc. search facility and preview screen (demo #4401)

Tree menu: "Black/pink theme" - inc. search facility (demo #4402)

Tree menu: "Papyrus/mahogany theme" - shows extent of graphical versatility (demo #4403)

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